Mrs Lyness and her P5 pupils pilot the latest C2k Net-Conferencing Software in NI.

P5 this week participated in the first week of Pilot experiences for primary school children in Northern Ireland, making use of C2K’s latest software addition to the school managed service.  We are now able to net-conference using webcam technology via our interactive whiteboards to share experiences and converse with many other people in other parts of the world.  On this occasion the children were presented to by the Education Officer from Belfast Zoo, who shared video, and real-time live animals and mini-beasts, broadcasting live from the NEELBTV’s “The Truck” mobile broadcasting studio.  John the education officer was linked up with 6 schools in total, of which GIPS was one and the children were encouraged to participate by asking questions and listening to answers.  The whole experience was reasonably successful, but for a few technical glitches, but it certainly demonstrated the potential to all involved of what great tools are now available for future collaborative use with staff and pupils.  Well done to all involved!  We will be getting further opportunities to work again with C2K to promote this new facility around the country.