Teacher: Mr R. Mulcahy 

Welcome to P6M! 

Our class have now moved upstairs to take our places in P6. We are very pleased to be back in school and we have been enjoying having company again!  

It has been great to get back to work on Literacy and Numeracy. We are loving our class novel – Friend or Foe. It is set during World War Two and is very exciting! In numeracy we have been tackling fractions, decimals and plenty more challenges! 

This term, the P6 topic is ‘The Solar System’. We have been enjoying learning all about our planet and the others within our galaxy. We always look forward to science lessons which further develop our understanding of the world in which we live. Our photograph shows us outside during an experiment about rockets! 

We have fun together during subjects too – we have created some beautiful and interesting art. We will soon learn a traditional Maori dance called a Haka. 

The best thing about P6 is being able to work together, have fascinating discussions and share different opinions. We appreciate that even more now!