Teachers: Mrs D McCann / Mr C Denvir

Welcome to our Primary 5McC page!

On a Monday and Tuesday Mr Denvir is our teacher.
Mrs McCann teaches us each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We regularly update our class Seesaw account with photographs and updates on our work, play and progress.

We of course enjoy numeracy and literacy lessons every day.
Lots of our numeracy work is practical. We love estimating, measuring and relating our numeracy to real world experiences.
As part of our literacy we will be reading some whole class novels such as, ‘Judy Moody was in a mood’ and ‘The Witches’.
We also enjoy regular talking and listening sessions, which give us the opportunity to listen and explore different points of view.

In the afternoons we rotate between all areas of the curriculum.
We really love art and have lots of cool display boards to share our wonderful creations.
We take part in the PATHS programme for schools for PDMU.

There is one main topic for each term in P5, you can read about these below!

In Term One we will be working on ‘The World in Motion’. We look forward to learning about technological advances, discussing possible reasons and causes behind why people move and understand more about Viking raiders and settlers.

In Term Two Primary 5 will be exploring ‘The Natural World’. Our focus is on a wide range of animals their food chains, classification and habitats.

In Term Three our topic will be ‘Farming in the Past’. Throughout this topic we look closely at Ancient Egypt. We will compare and contrast farming in Ancient Egypt to farming in modern day Northern Ireland.

Of course these are only some of the things that we enjoy in P5!

Mrs McCann or Mr Denvir would be happy to talk to you further and share more details!