Teaching Staff 2023-24

Principal, Mr. N. Arnold
Vice Principal & SENCo, Mr. C. Denvir

P1, Miss. K. Lynas, Head of Foundation Stage
P2, Mrs. R. McKee (2 day Mrs J. Bell)
P2/3, Miss. L. Johnston, Head of Key Stage 1
P3/4, Mrs. J. Gilmore (1 day Mr. Denvir)
P4, Mrs. L. Lawlor

P5, Mrs D McCann, (2 days Mr. Denvir)
P5/6, Mrs. F. Connolly-Mulcahy, Head of Key Stage 2
P6, Mr. R. Mulcahy
P7, Mr. K. Kelleher
P7, Mr. S. Totten

Teaching Assistants 2023-24

P1 Foundation Teaching Assistant, Mrs. A. Przelicka

P2 Foundation Teaching Assistant, Mrs. J. Henry
P2/3 Foundation Teaching Assistant, Mrs. K. Maguire
SEN Teaching Assistant, Mrs. E. McGurk

SEN Teaching Assistant, Miss A. McGurk
SEN Teaching Assistant, Mrs. J. Czernicka
SEN Teaching Assistant, Miss. A Stewart

SEN Teaching Assistant, Ms. N Livingstone
SEN Teaching Assistant, Mrs. K. Fleck
SEN Teaching Assistant, Ms. M. Quigley

SEN Teaching Assistant, Miss F. Lehane

SEN Teaching Assistant, Mrs. L. Lewis

SEN Teaching Assistant, Miss. G Kelly

SEN Teaching Assistant, Mrs. G Kerr

SEN Teaching Assistant, Ms. S Robinson

SEN Teaching Assistant, Mrs. D Beggs

SEN Teaching Assistant, Mr. H. Latham

SEN Teaching Assistant, Miss. C. McGurk

SEN Teaching Assistant. Mrs. W Drummond

SEN Teaching Assistant, Ms. C. McGinnis

Newcomer EAL Tutor, Mrs. A. Arnold

Support Staff

Senior Clerical Officer, Mrs. G. Martin
Clerical Officer, Mrs. W. Drummond

Breakfast/After-School, Miss. G Kelly

After-School, Mrs. W. Drummond

After-School, Mrs. N. Livingstone

After-School, Miss. F. Lehane
After-School, Mrs. E. McGurk
After-School, Mrs. K. Maguire
After-School, Mrs. M. Jaczyk
After-School, Mrs. D. Beggs
After-School, Miss A. McGurk

After-School, Mrs. A. Przelicka

Buildings Supervisor, Mrs. C. Lane (acting)

Cleaning Assistant, Mrs. E. McVicker
Cleaning Assistant, Mrs. C. Lane
Cleaning Assistant, Mrs.N. Livingstone
Cleaning Assistant, Mrs. K. Maguire

School Crossing Patrol, Mrs. V. Hammersley

SEN Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. C. Lane
Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. A. Przelicka
Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. W. Drummond
Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. L. Wilkinson
Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. K. Fleck
Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. E. Falls
Supervisory Assistant, Mrs. K. Horner

and a special BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who give freely of their time, volunteering to assist in many ways here in school.

Parent-Teacher Assoc. Committee

Chairperson, Mrs. Carmen Doran
Secretary, Mrs. Claire Hume
Treasurer, Mrs. Deborah Doran
Teacher Rep. Mr K Kelleher

Board of Governors

EA Governor, Mr. M. Maguire (Finance)
EA Governor, Ms. L McCord (Chairperson)
EA Governor, Mrs. S. Croskery (Child Protection & Safeguarding)
EA Governor, Mr. J. Marley (Staff Attendance, Health & well-being)

In Lieu of Trustees Governor, VACANT POST
In Lieu of Trustees Governor, VACANT POST

Transferror Governor, Mrs. J. Ireland (Vice-Chair & SEN)
Transferror Governor, (tbc)

Parent Governor, Mrs. K. Denvir
Parent Governor, Ms. T. Pap (Finance & PRSD)
Parent Governor, Mr. W. McReynolds
Parent Governor, VACANT POST

Teacher Governor, Mr. R. Mulcahy (Finance)
Teacher Governor, Mrs. D. McCann (Policies)

Secretary, Mr. N. Arnold