Breakfast & After-School Club

At Glengormley IPS, we recognise and appreciate the busy lifestyles of 21st century families. As a means to try and assist with families’ expensive child-care costs and to create greater flexibility for parents the school has developed an extended service of wrap-around care for all pupils in our charge. This runs both term-time and during the holiday periods from 7.40am to 6pm each week day. This is staffed on the whole by our own school support staff of classroom assistants and supervisors. We operate under the Department of Education Extended Schools Programme and thereby ensures our facilities and staff requirements meet their standards and expectations. We are inspected routinely by EA.

This service also allows parents to pay for the childcare through the use of the Child Tax Credit schemes available, which in turn helps families to save on costs. This service is only available to pupils from our own school and pre-school. We use School Money for easy bookings and payments.

The current rate from 1 April 2024 is £4 per child per hour or £30 per child per day.

This wrap-around care offers the following benefits:-

  • The children are already very familiar with the staff through school.
  • They have full access to many of the school facilities, including the grounds and play / sports equipment.
  • No additional pick-up / collection / transport issues.
  • Continuity of ethos / policies / organisational structure.
  • Ease of parent arrangements / changes.
  • All afternoon snacks and beverages included in cost
  • Ease of electronic payments & online bookings